Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Has it really been a month?

It has been a month since I last updated this blog. Lots to write about.

First off... we survived our long and lengthy plane ride and trip. Going through security was no problem at the airport. I decided to just hand over her processors, back-ups and remote control and not have them go through the metal detector or the x-ray machine. It was no problem. I had her metal card on hand but she didn't even beep going through the detector. Coming back, they did a pat down on her instead and was no problem. She did alright for the flight...what you can expect for a toddler I suppose.

Natalie was obsessed with the horses across the street from Grammy's house. She definitely recognized when we said "lets go see the horsies" and she would immediately start doing the "clicking" sound we have taught her during therapy. We do a lot of animal sounds in her AVT, so it is fun for her to see the live version.

going to feed the ducks

Some cute ones of Natalie in Utah and Idaho

another animal sound "woof-woof"

 Some things Natalie is doing to keep busy these days:

loves the puzzle pieces

playing outside

I  catch her reading books all the time..
I hear her babbling as she is reading and looking over them.
I love it!

and a little light saber action with big brother... always fun.

Another fun thing in Utah for Nat was going on the boat: "puh, puh, puh" as she says it. The sound for the boat.

Her last audiology visit, we still aren't getting the best reliable audiograms. It is very difficult to assess good hearing at this age. She is so busy, pre-occupied, and after driving 2 1/2 hours in a car, does not like to sit still in a sound booth. We do the best we can with toys and snacks to distract her. Our audiologist wanted to get a little more aggressive this past visit, so she changed up her mapping some. I feel like the first few days, Natalie was pulling off her processors a lot, and it probably sounded a little different and louder for her than she is used to. She seems to be settling in ok now. 

At church on Sunday, when we were leaving, she turned to someone and waved and said, "bye-bye." Also, the other day I said "sh", without any gestures.. on her own she brought her finger to her mouth and nose to mimick "sh". 

I think she is babbling more, adding to her already existing vocabulary of "mama", "dada", "uh-oh" is:


And the animal sounds she can say; most of the time are:

"ooh-ooh, aah ahh" (monkey)

She is also really starting to understand more common phrases around the house.

"lets go bye bye"
"go get your shoes"
"lets go eat, or get a snack"
"lets go up, up, up"
"lets go down the stairs"
"where is your... sippy?, blankie?, paci?"
"where is the book, do you want to read a book?"

latest audiogram 8/18/2011

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