Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My little Bookworm

We were told early on to read 10 books a day to Natalie to help in her therapy. Even before she could hear. She has gained a very strong love for books needless to say. She will spend 5-10 minutes stacking books on a chair and get a whole chair full piled high and then climb up into it to read her books and thumb through the pages. We have read so many lately and out of curiosity I thought I would see how well she does recognizing which book I was asking for. 3 out of 3!

Check out her video:

And her love of books at different stages:

7 months

9 months

17 months

17 months

17 months

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toy Ideas

Cochlear online has a page about toy ideas for kids with hearing loss. Some great ideas with Christmas just around the corner. Just passing along... Click here to go to their site.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 9, 2011

11+ Months Hearing

This girl loves to accessorize these days! That hard thing is dealing with hats and things that go on her head, because her magnets and processors get in the way and tend to fall off. Speaking of the word "off", Natalie has now learned to say it. She loves to point to all the light switches and say "off" and then proceeds to turn our lights on and off.

Here is a brief video of how well she understands a task and then does it...

She also really loves bows and I can understand when she asks for one, or two, or three....

We are still working on speech babble with her and alternating vowel sounds. She is the type of personality in therapy that likes to do things her way and we just kind of go with the flow with her. Some days she is really good about repeating back ling sounds, or speech babble, and other days she would rather juts watch and observe. I do know that she is really inputting so much of what we say and do though.

With our Christmas decorations out, it has brought so many new and interesting things AND vocabulary to learn. Natalie already understood who our elf Lilly was after day #3. It is amazing that she has learned that so quickly. We can ask where Lilly is and she will go and find her.

This has been a fun time of year for Natalie. I am so thankful she can hear bells ringing, Christmas music, the train around the Christmas Tree and all the wonderful things this season. Such a blessing.

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