Friday, January 11, 2013

School Pictures

These were taken in the late fall. Natalie is now the oldest child in the toddler class. Since she turns 3 in the spring, we are just going to leave her in her same class for the remainder of the school year so we don't have to mess with any new transitions with new teachers and new classmates.

She will also be doing a 1 month summer school as well right after school gets out.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

December - "Winter and Dressing Up!"

Natalie loves dressing up! This was a fun month for her. She loved it so much it was hard to get her out of her dress up clothes some days.

Taken from the toddler classroom blog:

The toddlers had so much fun dressing up over the past month!  We are so proud of them for choosing their own outfits and attempting to get dressed...all by themselves.  They have also learned many of the names for the clothing items as well.  

This month the toddlers also went on a bear hunt each day.  After finding the bear cave, they would hear it growling.  We would ask each other, "Where is the bear?"  The toddlers LOVED to peek in the cave to find the bear.  Some of them even climbed inside to find him.  This hide and go seek activity would be fun to carry over at home with a favorite doll or other stuffed animal.

Our book of the month was Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Did You See?  By Bill Martin, Jr.  We also had fun with an adaptation of the rhyme, "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around."   We can't wait to see what kinds of things will be in store for us in January as we change the theme to...Transportation!

Nat has some fun hair... this day we went very curly!

the whole class
(Nat is the only toddler still wearing her dress up)

Speech Therapy Highlights:

- using the preposition "around" in sentences more (she knows under, on top, etc well)
- answering and asking "what color ... is the dog, cat, etc.."
- working on words like rolling and squeezing
- adding new vocabulary into her words she already knows
- Natalie said during therapy, "I don't like it" for green beans but "I love it" for jam and toast. :)
- Listening for 2 one-syllable words at the end of a sentence. "pick up the RED CAR"

The last day of the theme and also the class winter party, the toddlers all dressed up, they got to walk the red carpet since they were all STARS and then we had a tea party of sandwiches, and finger foods. It was fun. Then we passed out teacher gifts and they passed out to us too. All the toddlers got their very own box of band aids. Let me tell you... they were a hit! And then the toddlers each made us their own doormat, they had them step in white paint and put their footprints on a mat for us and are so cute.

They always do such a good job with the themes each month and it really is Natalie's 2nd family there. She loves school! Who wouldn't when you get to eat and play dress up all day!

us walking the red carpet

my favorite picture.. she did this all on her own at school they said

Natalie and Spirit... TOO CUTE!

uh..hem : a bad hair day on her.

dressing the snowman

getting a bandaid.. she loves these

Mac and Nat

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