Sunday, November 20, 2016

I don't even know if I remember how to blog anymore.. it has been so long. But I have gone through so many old emails from old account and noticed that there were several people requesting where I purchase headbands from, so I've updated my email so I can get in touch with you better.

Update on our Natalie, she is 6 1/2, in 1st Grade and doing so WELL! She just got approved to wear a mini mic 2+ in class so her teacher and specials teachers can talk to her and she can listen even better. She loves school, speaks clearly, listens so well and is excelling. I am always amazed how well she hears.

Tomorrow we head up for another audiology appointment. It is a small world because when we first started this journey, the mom that I originally connected with to find out about the cochlear implant headbands goes to the same audiologist that we got to now. We have gotten to know their family well this past summer and excited to see them again over Thanksgiving too. So thankful for our cochlear implant community.

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