Wednesday, July 3, 2013

April - "Gardens"

Taken from the toddler blog:

What a fun month we had learning in the garden.  The toddlers are now experts at catching butterflies, looking for bugs and even dressing up like butterflies and flying around the room.  They pretended to plant flowers, dig in the dirt/sand and pick flowers from the yard.  It was also nice to go outside to OVV's garden and pick real flowers for the teachers and the teacher's aides! 

While the toddlers loved many of this month's activities, they especially enjoyed reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  It was so fun to help the caterpillar eat all of that fruit!  Lastly, the toddlers really enjoyed planting some real seeds in the garden.  Hopefully you will see the fruits of their labor very soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, such cute pics! I noticed that Natalie is wearing a headband to keep the CI on her head Is this something you made or bought? Would be curious to see how well it works in all situations (seems like it works great from the pics!) I am a cochlear implant recipient (4 years) and since my son has been diagnosed with hearing loss, I've decided to start my own blog to share our experiences. I'd really appreciate any advice you might have based on your blogging experience. Cheers!

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