Tuesday, February 19, 2013

January - "Transportation"

January wrap up.. They did the transportation unit at school. This was a fun one for Natalie. The weather was cold most of the month, but they did get to go outdoors a few times to play. There seemed to be lots of sickness going around the school and we did have a few sick days we missed. We also went on a quick trip to Dallas with Natalie as well to check out some possible school options in case we move there.

Some highlights:

-putting rocks in the trucks
-painting a boxcar
-making a train track
-singing wheels on the bus
- putting soap on her car and washing it off
-guessing the sounds as they sit on a pretend bus

here they are guessing the sounds they hear 
the room all decorated for this theme

Speech Therapy Highlights:

-wearing both CI's and then one at a time and detecting all Ling sounds - "ah, ee, oo, mm, sh, ss"
-identifying 4 words differing only in vowel sounds - "coke, cake, kick
- identifying 2 words in the middle of a phrase - "put the red bird on the board"
-working on the "ing" to words (she is actually very good at this for her hearing age)
-working on adding "is" and "ing" together in a sentence
- reviewing words
- asking "who is..?"
- using a lot of prepositions spontaneously during speech

painting with Spirit

getting the car all dirty with soap so she can wash it off

they have their cute little faces on the bicycles

playing with Spirit

sitting by Liesel 
Sedona is the new girl added to her class in the front next to Mac


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