Wednesday, March 20, 2013

February - "Zoo Adventures"

February was zoo month. I love seeing the transformation each classroom makes each time they switch themes. They recently added a few more toddlers to their classroom, so they created an extra room (now they rotate through 3 rooms) to help with space and student:teacher ratio better.

This was taken from her classroom blog:

We had a fantastic time exploring the language of animals during the month of February.  Each day, the toddlers were able to visit our classroom zoo.  They were experts at taking care of all of those zoo animals!  Sometimes the animals were sick.  Luckily, the toddlers had to time to grab their veterinarian kits and were able to help those poor animals get better. 

The toddlers dressed up like zoo keepers and went on the zoo/safari bus.  Using their trusty binoculars and cameras, the toddlers were pros at finding the all of the animals who were hiding in the grass. 

We walked like animals, listened to animal sounds and even created some animal artwork while exploring our senses.  Ask your child to "walk like an elephant," "hop like a kangaroo" or even "roar like a lion." 

Jessica - teacher aide

circle time.. ready to go home for the day


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